Tasty immune support!

Astragalus Chai Blend


A spicy chai latte is one of my favorite warm beverages.  But the calories add up rather quickly.  So when I started combining powder blends, creating a chai blend was a given.

Astragalus.  Immune and heart booster.  Use cautiously with immunosuppressive medications, chemotherapy, radiation therapy.


Ginger.  Considered a "superfood, " one of the premier herbs for digestive disturbances and for enhancing circulation.  Well known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


Chicory.  I find it to be a good non-caffeine alternative to black tea traditionally in chai.  Liver support.


Cinnamon.  Stimulates the digestive tract.  Active against staphylococcus and botulism.


Cardamom.  Reduces stomach acidity and strengthens the heart and lungs.  Stimulates the mind and imparts joy and clarity. 


Anise Star.  Source of shikimic acid, the active ingredient in Tamiflu, a prescription medication for influenza.


Also contains allspice, orange peel, lemon peel, clove, and black pepper — all of which are warming, aid digestion, and taste great!