Cognitive health "as we age".

Brain Support Blend


Brahmi.  Used in traditional Indian medicine for over 3,000 years!  Research on the brahmi plant identified 2 active molecules: Bacoside A that assists in the release of nitric oxide allowing relaxation of the aorta and veins and blood to flow more smoothly through the body and aids circulation; and Bacoside B, a protein valued for nourishing nerve cells in the brain.  Studies have shown that the nitric oxide in brahmi has an extremely positive effect on learning and memory recall. That's probably more details than you wanted — you can see I think it's a fascinating plant!


Ginkgo.  Did you know it is one of the oldest living tree species? Did you know its leaves, when turning yellow in the fall, are reputed to be a brain booster against memory deterioration? Did you know you could simply gather the leaves yourself and make a powerful tea and dry them for use year round? Did you know this is one of the most researched healing plants, so I could go on and on?  But I won't.  Do some research and be amazed.  And harvest some yourself next fall!


Gotu Kola.  Well known in Ayurvedic medicine as an herb and food that increases mental capacity and counteracts aging, particularly in the brain.  In other words, gotu kola is a brain revitalizer.  I grow this in the you-pick garden, bringing the plant indoors in the winter and munching off of it occasionally.