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My name is LuAnn Raadt.  This is a picture of me (I’m the one in the orange sweater!) with a budding little herbalist, my granddaughter Maycie.

I was raised on a farm in southern Minnesota and grew up with a love of plants and growing things.  I find it a bit ironic that I now happily gather many of the “weeds” my family once tried to eradicate and use them in remedies for common physical ailments and imbalances. 


Trained under professional herbalists, over the past 12 years I have enjoyed growing a wide variety of medicinal herbs that are not readily available commercially or are considered at-risk in the wild.


I also enjoy creating herbal remedies, teas, and other beverages, with (as my husband says) “the curiosity and inventiveness of a mad scientist.”


Most importantly, I think, I am enthusiastic about introducing others to the fascinating world of folk herbalism and teaching them how to make and use herbal products for themselves.


I am not a doctor.  While I know quite a bit about medicinal plants and what they offer to us, I make no claims that anything I present will cure any physical or emotional condition.  I have no medical training and will offer no medical advice, other than “Consult your physician.”  Speaking of which, I want to make it clear that I am not opposed to modern medicine – I regularly see physicians, take prescription medications, and get vaccinations.

Basket and Wild Flowers

My Values and Perspective

Promote health by providing folk herbalism information and quality herbal products.

Empowering individuals to be engaged in their personal health through education and herbal medicine.

First and foremost, I am a Jesus-follower.  I avoid the use of the word “Christian” because that can be defined however one may choose.  But there is no ambiguity in defining what it means to follow Jesus.  I trust him in all aspects of life — here and hereafter — and I try to live my life according to his simple yet profound teaching:  Love God.  Love people.


I worship God as the creator of nature.  Nature is his gift to us, for our health and our pleasure.  Working with nature is collaborating with the Creator to foster health and wholeness.


I am a wife, mother, and grandmother.  My family is my primary focus, and I am fiercely protective of them.


I am a lifelong learner.  My insatiable appetite for knowledge has led to countless hours of research and study over many years.  But there is always more to learn!


I am a grower.  Having cultivated over 120 varieties of medicinal plants here in Northfield, Minnesota, every year I try several new plants to discover if and how they will grow in our Zone 4.


I am a teacher.  Introducing others to the marvel of medicinal plants and how to use them in daily life is a passion.

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