Virus-busting syrup that is great for coughs, sore throats, and extra immune support in general.
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Pint Jar $20

Ingredients: Organic garlic, onion, and honey (thus the name!)

Sip the syrup off a spoon to coat a sore or scratchy throat.  If the throat is so painful it hurts to swallow, try spraying it to the back of the throat.

Garlic, onion, and honey are all antiviral and antibacterial, and are actually pleasant on an inflamed throat.

While this syrup works great for coughs on its own, some lemon juice can also be added.

You can add the syrup to soup or a strong herbal tea. It is also very tasty as a dip for breads, on toast, over veggies, or in salad dressings. As the jar empties, use the exposed sweet garlic and onion slices with stir fried dishes or on grilled meats.

Note:  If the sore throat continues to progress, be sure to get into your clinic to see if an antibiotic prescription is necessary.  Strep is nothing to take lightly!

Want my recipe to make your own garlic-onion-honey syrup?