This website was created at the urging of friends and family

who wanted an easy way to obtain the herbal products I make.

While I know quite a bit about medicinal plants and what they offer to us,

I make no claims that anything I offer will cure any physical or emotional condition.

I have no medical training and will offer no medical advice -- other than "Consult your physician."

That is precisely what you should do before using any herbal remedies

if you are already under a doctor's care or are taking pharmaceutical medications.

There can be contraindications with using herbs at the same time as prescription medications.

If you are pregnant or nursing, do not add medicinal herbs into your routine without checking with your doctor.  As an herbalist, I rarely encourage adding herbs into your routine if pregnant, especially in the first half.

My herbal products are not created in a professional facility but in my home kitchen --

although it is a pretty nice one!

At my current level of production, I do not include nutritional labeling on any of my herbal products.

For now, it's just me, my kitchen, and my promise to produce quality products.

Finally, even if you don't want to order anything, I hope you will enjoy browsing the information

I will be posting and perhaps find something useful for your health journey.


©2018 by Cannon Valley Herbals.