Use Fire Cider liberally to boost immunity, fight infection, soothe the throat, open the sinuses, stimulate circulation and energy, and generally improve health.

Learn about the health benefits of Fire Cider ingredients.

As a Health Tonic


Mary Poppins touted a spoonful of sugar, but a teaspoon of Fire Cider once or twice a day is a terrific health tonic — straight or diluted in a beverage such as tea, fruit juice, lemonade, or tonic water:

  • first thing in the morning as a daily eye-opener;

  • after a large meal to aid digestion. 

Use Fire Cider in place of vinegar in your everyday cooking:

  • in sauces, vinaigrettes, and salad dressings;

  • in casseroles;

  • in sweet-and-sour soups

  • when stir-frying;

  • on baked potatoes;

  • to flavor steamed vegetables or sautéed greens;

  • in marinades for meat or tofu;

  • in soups or chili.

Be creative!

As an Illness Remedy


When the cold and flu season comes around, be prepared with Fire Cider as a preventative.

  • If knowingly exposed to someone who is ill, take 1 teaspoon several times a day.

  • At the first sign of a cold, take 1-2 teaspoons and continue throughout the day (approximately every 2-3 hours) until symptoms subside.


For a scratchy or sore throat, gargle with Fire Cider.


For a cough syrup, add Fire Cider to honey.

For congestion, add 2-3 teaspoons of Fire Cider to 8 ounces of hot tea or hot water (and perhaps a bit of honey and lemon to taste); then breath in the vapors as you sip.

For sore muscles or to aid peripheral circulation, use externally as a compress.

Fire Cider properties

Antimicrobial, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal.

Naturally contains probiotics.

Immune stimulant properties.

All of the herbs contained in the blend have expectorant properties. 

Increases white blood cell counts.

Adjunct treatment for sinusitis, bronchitis, allergies, poor circulation, and for digestive infections.

Increases the blood flow and the amount of oxygen delivered to the tissues.

Aids the removal of waste products from the tissues.

May be beneficial in both the treatment and prevention of arteriosclerosis.

Many of the herbs used in Fire Cider help lower elevated cholesterol levels, lower LDLs, and increase HDLs. 

Some of the herbs used in this formula have blood thinning properties which can be beneficial for people with elevated blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels.


The herbs in this formula can affect individuals who are taking blood thinning medications or aspirin. 

Anyone undergoing any surgical procedures should stop taking blood thinning herbs at least two weeks prior to and one week following surgery.

Fire Cider is a very strong tonic so it’s best to not take it on an empty stomach.  Individuals with a sensitive stomach,   acid reflux or chronic heartburn, gastric ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease, or flatulence should use with caution.

There is strong evidence that horseradish can lead to miscarriage especially in early pregnancy.  Always consult your doctor before taking any herbal remedy or tonic during pregnancy.