Mar 27

Prickly Ash Tree/Shrub


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Does anyone have a tip for where Prickly Ash trees or shrubs are growing in the area. They are often found along property lines or other areas that are not actively controlled.

The bark of prickly ash can be quite effective for helping pain of all sorts.

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  • I mentioned in my blog that the plant walk scheduled for tomorrow, May 4, has been cancelled due to needing to let the plantain grow a bit more yet. I found out from a friend that signing up for this forum does not mean you automatically get notice of blog updates too, so I just wanted to make sure everyone got the information. And if you haven't signed up for the blog updates yet on the blog page, I encourage you to do so. That is likely where I will post changes in classes, as well as the classes section. See the classes section for more information .
  • Avoid highly trafficked areas, such as along highways, industrial areas, along railroad tracks as they often control weeds by spraying. Be careful not to gather where pesticides or chemical contaminants are used such as along railroad tracks or close to fields or yards that are sprayed with herbicides or pesticides. I tend to avoid along sidewalks or walking paths where dogs are commonly walked. You can guess why. Some favorite places include - Waste areas along the Cannon River - Along the edges of the compost site - lots of weed seeds sprout there! - Sechler Park - no one seems to mind someone gathering stinging nettles there for some reason! Lots of nice plantain there, too. - Edges of city parks where there isn't much foot traffic. Do you have some location tips to share here, too?
  • Does anyone know of a wild cherry tree growing in the area?

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