Fun With Plants

Your club... your site... your content needed!  Send me fun ideas about herbs and other plants and I'll post them here.  Fun is more fun when it is shared fun!

Allia with mud ball.JPG

Allia's creation

Mud Head

Do you remember all the mud at our first meeting?  When life gives you mud - make a giant mud ball and  then transform it into a mud head!   

Well done, Allia!

Dandelion Sculpture.jpeg

Celebrating dandelions in art

Dandelion Sculpture

If you capture photos of dandelion sculptures or other art pieces, send them to me and I'll post them here!


Tastes as lovely as it looks

Herbal Infusion 

Add some fresh, yummy tasting herbs to fresh drinkable water in a clear jar, cover, and set in the sun for several hours.  Strain.  Enjoy - preferably with a good friend or good book.


Dandelion Necklace

Love your necklace, Allia!

Lovely fashion accent for your summer wardrobe.  And much more than just an ordinary necklace - this one is edible!​  Can anyone come up with another idea of how to wear your herbs?

DC Herb basket.JPG

Herb Filled Basket

Lovely assortment of herbs

Charmagne gathered these gorgeous herbs while weeding in the garden - aren't they pretty!  They'll be delicious in herbal infusions or pesto, too!

Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 9.49.43 AM.png

Idea to come

Space Filler

Ideas and details will go here.