How It Works

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The You-Pick Medicinal Herbs Garden is not a for-profit venture. But neither is it a for-loss venture. If you would like to collect medicinal herbs, please consider a freewill donation to help cover the costs of seeds and supplies, keeping in mind both the quality and quantity of the herbs you pick.  If money is an issue, no worries — I love a good barter, too!  


To pick medicinal herbs, set up a time with me/LuAnn by email, phone, or text.  Because this garden plot is on the site of an operating organic farm/CSA, it is important to schedule in advance so that I can meet you there, show you around, and stay on site to help as needed.  Erin and Ben, the farmers who own the CSA, are busy with the farm itself; thus all details to do with the You-Pick Medicinal Herbs Garden need to go through me.  I look forward to meeting and making new herbal friends — maybe you!

See the                            page to learn what has been planted. 

See the                            page to find out what is currently available to gather.