Who are you?

A farm girl born and raised in southern Minnesota, I grew up with a love of plants and growing things. I now happily gather many of the “weeds” my family once tried to eradicate, and I use them in crafting a variety of herbal products.


Trained under local herbalists, I particularly enjoy identifying plants, learning their botanical markers, and growing a variety of medicinal herbs that are not readily available or are considered endangered in the wild.  I am also enthusiastic about introducing others to the fascinating world of herbal preparations and teas, and teaching them how to make and use herbal products for themselves.   


This website was created at the urging of friends and family who wanted an easy way to obtain the herbal products that I make. 

What 3 words would you use
to describe yourself as an herbalist

I am a learner.  My insatiable appetite for knowledge has led to countless hours of research and study over many years.  But there is always more to learn!


I am a grower.  Over one hundred different medicinal plants have been cultivated in my yard in Northfield, Minnesota.  Every year I try several new varieties to discover if they will grow in our Zone 4.


I am a teacher. Introducing others to the wonder of herbs and how to use them in daily life is a passion.  It requires much research and preparation – which I thoroughly enjoy! If you live in the area, check out my classes

Do you use dried or fresh herbs?

My powdered herbal blends are made from dried herbs purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs.  It is not practical for me to gather and dry enough plant material to make the blends.  And I've always been very happy with the freshness of the herbs provided by MRH.

The tinctures, oil, syrups, and all other herbal products are made with fresh plant material that I either grew myself or wildcrafted (ethically) to ensure the freshest and most potent product.  I feel that fresh herbs are more potent when making these products.  And I am able to be certain of the quality and identity of the plants that I am using when gathering them myself.

Are your products organic?

All plants that I grow are organic, along with any herbs that I wildcraft.  

The dried herbs that I order from Mountain Rose Herbs are certified organic.

The 100 proof vodka that I use for my tinctures is not certified organic nor is it gluten free,

but I think vodka is distilled to the point that it is not an issue.  

What 3 words
or phrases describe you
in general?

I am a pilgrim.  This world is not my home.  I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, creator of all things. He sustains me, comforts me, and puts up with me, gently loving and leading me each moment of my life.  Someday I will go to my heavenly home and spend eternity with him and lots of fascinating people — some of whom I miss dearly and some I'm looking forward to meeting.


I am a wife/mother/grandmother.  Do not mess with my family.


I am a life learner. There are so many things to learn in God's wonderful world.  Reading and learning and staying responsive to what is going on around me is what makes each day worth getting out of bed for.