You-Pick Medicinal Herbs Garden, 2019
(In The Beginning...)




As Minnesota is gripped in a historical "polar vortex", we dream of the warmth of summer and begin plans for a medicinal herb garden in this spot.  



APRIL 2019

The snow has melted.  While we wait for the soil to thaw and dry out, we order seeds and decide to make the plot a "you pick" garden to help cover expenses of seeds/supplies.


Hoop House

APRIL 2019

Although it may be chilly outside, it is nice and warm in the hoop house. Seeding of transplants such as licorice, blessed thistle, and white horehound begin.  



MAY 2019

Soil has dried out.  Ben hitches up the plow and turns over virgin soil for our organic medicinal herb garden.  Chemicals have never, ever been used on this farm!



MAY 2019

Garden areas are marked out with white flags and a map is prepared  for planting medicinal herbs that can withstand cooler nighttime temperatures.



JUNE 2019

Excitement grows as flags with names of plants are added to the garden and the first plants are transplanted from LuAnn's gardens. They will thrive in the full sun!


First Bloom!

June 2019

Our first bloom: 

Arnica chamissonisis

Kinda small, yes, but not too shabby for being transplanted less than a month ago!

OHF 7_1_19.JPG

All Weeded

June 30, 2019

Weeding seems never-ending in

newly turned soil!  Just finished our first time through.  Whew!

Seed planting and transplanting continue, too.

OHF 7_15_19.JPG

Lovin' Heat!

July 15, 2019

Everything in the garden appears to be loving our recent heat wave.  If I took time to stop weeding, I could likely watch them grow!  Check "What's Ready" to see what is currently ready for gathering.



July 26, 2019

Signs are posted in the garden! Listed are the plant's common name, botanical name, parts used, and some traditional uses.  If you are part of the CSA, feel free to browse when you pick up your weekly veggies.


Dog Days

August 17, 2019

Plenty of heat and rain have resulted in a lovely, thriving garden overflowing with all sorts of plants waiting to provide support and healing for all

who gather!

OHF 9_22 2.JPG

Fall Solstice

September 22, 2019

Fall has arrived, according to the calendar.  Continuing heat and rains have kept everything lush.  

Thanks to all who have stopped by, gathered, and contributed money ensuring the garden will continue to "grow."

Garden 10_13_19_edited.jpg


October 13, 2019

Above ground parts are starting to die back, thanks to much cooler temps this past week, complete with snowflakes! 

Coming soon: group root digging!

Root Elecampane.JPG

Root Digging

October 28, 2019

Our final root digging day of 2019. Here is some lovely elecampane root.

Also being dug is ashwagandha, teasel, marshmallow, dandelion, burdock, yellow dock, Joe Pye, California poppy, mullein, red sage, lyre leaf sage, and wild valerian.

OHF 11_22_19 Seeds planted.JPG

Fall Seeding

November 22, 2019

Planning, or should I say, planting ahead.  Planted some seeds that require stratification (cold treatment) for germinateion next spring.   

Now, a few months to sit back, browse seed catalogs, 

and dream of spring 2020.