Our Story

Once upon a time… For more than a decade, LuAnn had cultivated well over one hundred medicinal plants in her yard.  When the time came to move from that location, she took some of those plants with her. Sadly, her new yard did not present ideal growing conditions.


Then one day… Erin, who with her husband Ben own an organic farm on the north edge of Northfield, contacted LuAnn about growing medicinal herbs on a plot of their land.  


And she fell in love… When LuAnn saw the 36’ x 45’ full-sun garden plot of soil that had never been touched by chemicals she knew it was perfectly suited for growing her precious healing plants.  In addition, there were natural prairie and wooded areas available for wild gathering. It was a Zone 4 herbal growing and gathering paradise!


After discussing with Erin what the medicinal herb garden might contain, LuAnn began compiling lists of possibilities and consulted with other herbalists.  Seeds were ordered and prepared, and Erin offered the use of her hoop house for starting the seeds which would eventually be transplanted into the garden plot. As soon as Ben plowed up the soil, LuAnn set about planting the transplants and seeds.


The End?   No, just the beginning...

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