Plantain Skin Salve

Ingredients:  wild-gathered plantain, organic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, vitamin E, and beeswax.

No, not the fruit — plantain — that resembles a banana.  This plantain is the common broadleaf weed many homeowners try to eradicate from their lawns.


The word to remember regarding plantain's benefit is "drawing" — as in drawing out dirt and gravel from a scraped knee, drawing out the itch in a mosquito bite or bee sting, drawing out slivers of wood/rose bush thorns/thistles, or even drawing out the mucus that causes sinus pressure with a cold.

During summer months when the plant is easy to find growing all over, one can simply use a macerated leaf directly on a wound. However, the salve works well too, and is simply easy to reach for to use.  My grandkids can all identify plantain and will get leaves and apply them to cuts and scrapes as needed.  Another cool thing about plantain is that after it has cleaned out the wound, it then helps to close it up cleanly, due to the allantoin which promotes rapid cell growth.  It is an amazing healing plant!

Each grandkid has their own tube of plantain salve to apply to mosquito bites all summer long - works great!

I've used it for the occasional bee sting while out gathering plants - even a wasp sting this past summer.  Gave relief rather quickly, when using it along with the fresh leaf.

During the winter months, we reach for plantain ointment when hoping to relieve the pressure of sinus congestion during nasty colds by applying the salve downward on both sides of the nasal passages.  It can also help relieve ear pressure by rubbing it downward on the Eustachian tubes in the same manner.

Did someone say "teething"?  Yep, apply plantain ointment to erupting teeth to help pull them through faster to give both the child and his/her family some relief!  Be sure to not get it on neighboring gum tissue, though, as it may also pull other teeth through before their time.

Overwhelmed yet?  This is just the beginning.  But I'll stop for now.  It really is all that!