2020 Classes

Check out the Classes section of my website for descriptions of classes I'm offering in the next couple months. I do plan on adding more topics throughout the year. Please let me know if there is any topic you are interested in and would like covered in a class.

I'm excited to offer my beginner herbalism level classes again - will likely offer the DIY Herbal Remedies class monthly through the summer in hopes of introducing more people to the wonders of our local medicinal plants. Feel free to pass on this information to others you think might be interested, of course.

Note - The What's Ready section for the 2020 You Pick Medicinal Herbs garden is up and running, with the first bark gathering scheduled for February 1, 2020. I look forward to the start of bark/herb gathering almost as much as Twins Home Opener. (Maybe more, but don't tell my family). Let the fun begin!

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