I was blessed to spend a delightful, relaxing week with my family - our 4 kids, 5 grandkids, a brother and sister-in-law, and two of their daughters and families. It was a wonderful week filled with lots of lake time and a 3 year-old granddaughter who, once again, entrenched herself more deeply into my heart.

This morning I went out to the You Pick Medicinal Herbs Garden for the fist time in nine days. Wow - I think everything has at least tripled in size! The heat, rain, and Ben's irrigation have certainly boosted their growth in the past week. If you live in the area, I encourage a visit. And if you are an herbalist interested in gathering some medicine, this is prime time. I have just updated the "What's Ready" page so check that out.

Here are some shots I thought you might enjoy. Clockwise from top left:

Pleurisy root in bloom with feverfew close by and mullein in the background

Charmagne, our volunteer weeder, enjoying the garden

Blessed Thistle coming into bloom

Black Cohosh in bloom, surrounded by many others, of course.

Calendula, Solis Sponsa , ready to be used for medicine. There are several patches of calendula

in the garden and all will be available until frost. I'm growing 2 varieties this year:

Erfurter Orange from Richters and Solis Sponsa from Strictly Medicinal, for comparison.

I've grown Erfurter Orange for many years - a super sticky variety that has yielded very effective herbal remedies. Strictly Medicinal came up with Solis Sponsa this year, so I planted that, too.

St. John's Wort - back in all its glory ready to gather again!

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