A Couple Interesting Links (If you are sick and tired of COVID-19, skip this post)

So, does anyone else feel like we're kinda in limbo, just waiting for the next shoe to drop, for COVID-19 to peak so it can go down and go away, wondering will anyone I know get IT?, will I get IT?

So, what's a person to do? Keep on supporting and strengthening your immune system, get rest, drink yummy tea, take a walk, keep breathing.

Another tip - listen to The Herbal Highway on KPFA.

If you've taken a class from me, you've likely heard about this weekly herbal broadcast by two great herbalists, Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes. The past 2 weeks their topic has been COVID-19. I think they give very sensible, sound, and doable advice (but then, I often thought I was listening to my own advice!).

I encourage you to listen to their March 24 and March 31 broadcasts. In the first broadcast they go over nervines to help with the general anxiety that seems to be all encompassing. If you've gathered plants with me, you will likely recognize many of the plants they mention and may have some of the tinctures they mention. Of course, they also mention herbs for the immune system, both one's deep immunity and surface immunity.

There is lots of practical advice about steams, breathing, maintaining focus, so many practical topics. (An aside about steaming: You likely have some sort of evergreen tree in your neighborhood. Go on a little walk with a pruner, cut off a few little branches (with permission of the property owner if it's not on your property), and you have yourself a great herbal steam or lovely diffuser simmering gently on your stove).

Tip: The March 31 broadcast has a section where they mention local services in their area - don't turn it off there as they go on to talk about additional herbal tips.

Two quotes I enjoyed: "If your hands aren't in need of lotion you probably aren't washing your hands enough" and "Kindness is a part of our personal responsibility. Respect each other's choices." (Don't let yourself get angry because of someone else's actions).

My daughter-in-law sent me a link that lifted my spirits today - I wanna share that too:

Empowering and Protecting Your Family During the COVID-19 Pandemic