All Better Now

Back to normal here - whatever that might be! A couple days of miserable digestive upset followed by a few days of self-pity (and a negative COVID test) seemed to do the trick. I realized during that recent unpleasantness that I have a pretty good protocol in mind for dealing with colds and respiratory issues, but not so much for digestive misery. So I thought I would share what I came up with to get through it.

After about a day of the "active diarrhea" phase, I ended up taking a couple drops of white oak bark tincture about an hour apart, 3-4 times. That has been my go-to for such issues in the past. When those "issues" returned, I would just take a couple drops of white oak bark tincture again, as needed. Along with frequent doses of elderberry tincture, I sipped many cups of calendula tea with a few drops of calendula tincture added in to keep the lymph/immune system active and to help with the myriad of stomach issues. I then started small bites of applesauce with powders of slippery elm and marshmallow root added in (both powders provide a nice coating from entrance to exit of body). That seems to have helped a lot. And then the basic BRAT diet of bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast.

Probably the most alarming part of last week for me was experiencing panic attacks and anxiety as I was starting to feel better digestively. If you know my past, you know I've dealt with both of these in the past - and I don't ever want to pitch a tent there again! Taking a half dropper of California poppy tincture gave immediate relief, but not lasting. (Ashwagandha tincture helped some, too, but not as much as CaliPop). Then I realized we had run out of magnesium several weeks before - I was waiting for our next Costco trip to get more. I did a bit of research and then went to our local Co-op, picked up magnesium glycinate, which seemed to help a lot. Why magnesium glycinate? My research indicates that magnesium glycinate has less digestive upset associated with it, is able to cross the blood/brain barrier and the best for for anxiety and sleeplessness. I decided to spend extra a get that form and was quite impressed. You might want to do some research yourself and check that one out.

That may be more information than you wanted, but I'm always interested in how herbs can be used in "real-life" misery. And I threw in magnesium glycinate info, too. There ya go!