Bark Gathering Time

It's time to gather any barks that you need for making herbal remedies for use this coming year!

Why now?

Because the energy of the tree/shrub is greatest in the bark now, before the leaves appear.

How to do this?

Check out my former post on gathering bark.

Want a couple suggestions on what barks to gather?

I wrote about that last year, too, in a blog - prickly ash and white oak.

Need a few tips about finding white oak trees at this time of year?

If you see a tree with brown leaves still hanging on, there is a good chance it is an oak tree. Oak trees hang on to their leaves until they are replaced with new, green leaves in the spring. There are two general types of oak trees in our area, white or red. White oaks have rounded lobes and red oaks have pointed lobes. We use the white oaks for making herbal remedies, so be sure of your identification. The Friends of the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden on Theodore Wirth Parkway in Minneapolis have a great website page for identification of oaks here. Check it out. (The garden itself is a lovely place to visit, too).

It's always exciting to start another year of growing, gathering, wildcrafting, and creating remedies with our wonderful, local medicinal herbs. I hope you'll join the adventure.