"Breathe Deep" Yogi Tea

Yep, I'm writing about Yogi Tea again - this time highlighting their "Breathe Deep" variety. "Why?" Because other tea bag companies do not include mullein leaf in their blends, which, as you know, I think is essential for any tea claiming to help with one's lungs. Along with mullein leaf, this tea has elecampane root, which can be good for stuff stuck deeper in the lungs (excuse my technical medical jargon). Eucalyptus for helping to break up mucus. Licorice to help everything play well together and add some natural sweetening. Ginger for everything. And several other useful herbs...

I'm partial to this tea right now as it appears COVID-19 settles deeper in the lungs than some of the other coronaviruses, so the mullein and elecampane could be particularly useful.


- OK to drink daily.

- Add some mullein leaf tincture to your mug of tea for additional benefit.

- Add lemon juice for extra boost.

- Add some of your garlic onion honey syrup - it's actually tasty!

Anyone have any other tips for tasty, health boosting beverages???