Signs of Spring!

I was out at the You Pick Medicinal Herbs Garden this morning - we have sprouts already! This is particularly good news this year as it promises fresh herbs for making tasty and very health-supporting teas soon. So even if we might now have made tinctures of some of these last year, they will soon be available fresh for making the most potent teas possible! And more perennial growers should be showing their leaves soon!! Can you tell I'm a bit giddy about this.

Wondering how they might be of use to us?

Chamomile - can help relax tension in body. Also good for sick people who become whiny. That might be handy! Flowers generally used, but I just may try the greens if needed - not gonna kill you and it just might help.

Lemon Balm - great nervine - to settle nerves, duh. Lovely, bright lemon taste. Very tasty added to anise hyssop, which should also show up soon, and which is very useful for drying up yucky mucus.

Hyssop - good, all around antiviral and used historically, with benefit, during pandemics. Here again, typically the flowering tops are used, but I would use the greens if energetics indicate its usefulness. And knowing how quickly it grew last summer, I could see it flowering by the end of May, if not earlier. Thanks, Erin, for getting the seeds for this last summer. It was not on my radar screen so I wouldn't have even planted it except we had the seeds already. And now it could be very useful for COVID-19!

Horehound - good for many respiratory issues, especially coughing, and used historically with good success. Heard of Horehound hard candy drops? This is where it comes from!

I am working on updating the Herb by Herb area in the Forum with uses of individual plants - I'll add these to that soon.

Remember - listen to your body. If you try an herbal tea or other type of remedy and you really don't like it, it's likely not gonna help you. Each person's response to a virus, bacteria, whatever will be unique to that person. So with all herbal remedies, listen to how you feel when using. I do indicate the energetics of the herbs in the Herb by Herb section - pay attention to that, too. If you are running a fever, you would likely steer toward a cooling herb. If your feet or hands are cold, you may want to look at something like prickly ash, which is warming and helps diffuse heat to the extremities. Just pay attention to how you feel, choose remedies accordingly, and then pay attention to how you feel a few minutes after taking a tincture or sipping some tea.

And as always, if you are wondering if you should go to the clinic or check in with your doctor, you probably should! I do believe COVID-19 is not a virus we should take lightly or take a "wait and see" stance for too long. There's just so much unknown about it yet - its transmission and progression, for starters!

So, common sense precautions, some nice teas and supporting tinctures, a good movie, maybe a fun puzzle, and some walks in our lovely almost-spring sunshine.

Stay healthy, my friends!