My Coronavirus Prep (and a Chai recipe)

Since you are reading this, odds are you likely know me... (I don't have a large readership).

And if you know me, you know that I have long been fascinated by viruses: what they are, how they've evolved, how they differ, how they "work" in nature and in our bodies, what they look like (beautiful), anything. I can easily spend hours just reading and researching. And with this new coronavirus and all its hype, I have had no shortage of new information to peruse!

I won't go into all my research and thoughts about the new coronavirus, now labeled COVID-19. I'm sure y'all are hearing plenty about it! In short, regardless of the debate on what caused it or if you think the media has overhyped it, I think it is here to stay for awhile and that there is much unknown as it appears to be highly mutable, both as it replicates in one's body and as it is passed on from person to person. Will it make it to Minnesota? - I think so. I do think it is time to "prep" - and I'm not talking just stocking up on toilet paper and hand sanitizer!

Here are a few tips for your herbal prep "just in case". PLEASE NOTE: These are just my ideas and opinions. I am not a medical person of any sort in anyone's world. This is simply what I am doing right now to support my immune system, just in case.

- Elderberry tincture - I've written several posts about the wonders of elderberry. Do a search of my site and be amazed. I suggest upping your use of elderberry tincture to 4-6 drops, 4-5 times/day.

- Eat well - lots of garlic, onion, turmeric - some good curry, perhaps? Stir fry? Soup, of course.

Veggies, fruit, easy-to-digest-for-you foods. For some people that includes meat, for some it leans toward vegetarian or completely vegetarian - whatever works best for you. Now is not the time to do a radical dietary change which might stress your body in any way!

- Cut back on sugar, especially simple sugars - studies show that sugar suppresses your immune system, reducing the ability of white blood cells to kill germs within 30 minutes after ingestion and can last for as much as 5 hours. (Full disclosure here - it is 6:30 AM as I write this and I'm enjoying a piece of dark chocolate cream pie that I had leftover from a Bunco party at my house on Tuesday evening. Hey - at least it's dark chocolate!).

- Drink tea, especially tea with some good antioxidants in it. I know the Yogi tea brand has some great choices, as I'm sure other companies do, too. I typically just throw some dried herbs from my herb drawer into an infuser and make my own, often including hibiscus, rosehips, acerola, and tulsi. A few cacao nibs can be quite tasty, too.

Another good choice is a Chai blend, due to the warming, drying herbs it contains. Here is a link to a chai concentrate that I make often and enjoy. I do leave out the brown sugar and add blackstrap molasses or raw honey if I want to sweeten it, due to the effects of simple sugars on the immune system. Adding licorice or fennel helps to sweeten it, too. If you would like to avoid caffeine, alternatives to the black tea could be roasted dandelion root or burdock root or chicory.

- Vitamin C: There are differing views on types of vitamin C to use, but overall, I think vitamin C helps a lot. I use a powdered form, when I remember to take it, which I should become more intentional with doing. I do include the Vitamin C Boost powder blend that I make in much of our food at this point - oatmeal, smoothies, tea, juice, anything. Make some powder blend yourself - or get some from me!

There are many other good vitamins supplements to consider, too, of course, such as zinc, which I've heard is great, but I haven't done much research on. Continue with whatever you've been doing, of course. I do think supplements have great benefit. I simply prefer to get mine through the food I eat, such as dark chocolate cream pie. (Mic drop)

Time to get moving on my day. Please feel free to respond with how you are "prepping" for the Coronavirus / COVID 19, too.