Comparing Reishi Mushroom Tinctures

I spent yesterday putting together 2 different reishi mushroom tinctures, one using dried reishi slices purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs and the other using fresh reishi from a local friend and mushroom farmer. Fascinating. Take a look.

The first photo shows the fresh reishi tincture on the left. On the plate is the marc from the fresh mushrooms that had been macerating (extracting) in vodka for 3 months. Notice the lovely, rich brown color of the strained and pressed mushroom marc and the reddish color of the extracted vodka. I had filled the quart jar loosely with chopped fresh reishi mushrooms and was able to decant close to a quart jar of menstruum afterwards. Cool. The measuring cup to the right of the jar with golden liquid is what I strained from a pint of dried mushroom slices that have been macerating for 6 months. Also pretty, but quite different colors.

The center photo shows a concentrated reishi mushroom decoction (in the large measuring cup on the stove in the back) after 6 hours of a gentle simmer, which I strained, cooled and then added in equal parts to each of the strained vodka menstruums from the first photo. The finished tincture using fresh mushrooms is darker with stronger mushroom taste compared to the tincture using the dried reishi.

The last photo shows a pot of the dried reishi pieces that I had simmered and strained for the concentrated decoction being simmered yet again, along with chunks of chaga (the pieces to the right that look like pieces of volcanic rock) and dried shiitake mushrooms for a tea to sip over the next few days. I'll continue simmering the tea on low and sipping until the it becomes pale and then will compost the mushrooms.

There are several different opinions and methods for making medicinal mushroom tinctures. Here is the method I use, as previously posted on March 4, 2019. Yep, it is a bit of work, some math, and a lot of clean up, but well worth it.

Why bother making a reishi tincture? Many consider reishi to be "The Mushroom of Immortality". Need I say more? For further details as to the wonders of reishi and how to use the tincture, check out another post from March 4, 2019 here.