Dandelion Leaves

If you have taken a class with me, you likely realize the often despised dandelion is my favorite medicinal plant. All parts are useful, both as food and as "medicine". Now is the prime season for using dandelion leaves and, thanks to an email with questions about how to use dandelion leaves, I realized I should likely write a post. (Thanks for the prompt, Tim!).

French Dandelions I planted last year. Yes, I planted dandelion. But they are French! Vive la France!

The first known written record of dandelions being used medicinally dates back to the 10th and 11th Centuries. But, it's recorded use is believed to date back to Ancient Rome and the Anglo Saxons. It first appeared in European history in the 13th Century when it was used by the Welsh.

Dandelion leaves taste best before flowering, when they become more bitter and tough. So get out there and start eating your dandelion leaves! I often pick leaves when I'm walking through my yard, chew well before swallowing, then pick another couple. Can't get any fresher than that!

Using the leaves as part of a stir fry is a very easy way to use dandelion leaves, as well as adding some to smoothies.

I've never made, but have tasted pesto made with dandelion leaves - delicious! Think about adding nettle leaves to that pesto for a further nutritional boost.

Search online for "dandelion leaf recipes" and you'll find lots of them! Please let us know if you've find a tasty one.

Tincture - I tend toward using dandelion root tincture the most, but also make a tincture of dandelion leaf to add to the root tincture to use as a bitter blend spray before eating.

And I do use my dandelion vinegar quite a bit- anytime vinegar is called for.

Check out the forum area for more information about dandelion leaves, or just click here. By the way, I plan to keep adding information in the forum area and am hoping some of you might do the same so we can pool our ideas and interesting facts and thereby enrich the experience for all of us...