Eat Your Greens - Wild Greens, That Is!

Thanks to you brave souls who endured the cold temps this morning and came to the two sessions I led for our local Earth Day 2021 event. I admit to soaking in a steaming hot tub for one hour when I got home along with sipping ginger & turmeric tea to warm myself up!

Our stir fry with "weeds" - delicious!

The topic of the first session was "Weeds: Friend or Foe? Answer: Friend! We talked about several spring weeds that are good for munching on fresh as well as adding to cooked foods or for making herbal remedies. I encourage you to visit the Forum for some details about our wonderful weeds! I apparently inspired myself to gather some garlic mustard, nettle, dandelion leaves (and flowers), and some daylily shoots to add to a stir fry for our dinner. It was delicious! Sprinkled on the top were some dandelion flower petals (contains lutein for eye health) and three violet flowers

(because that's all I spotted as I was walking).

Regretting that I didn't include violets in my talk this morning, I have added violets to the forum "weeds" area and will add more information soon. Please add whatever you come across, too. It's such a sweet little plant and so plentiful in our area. As noted in the articles, herbalists lean toward the purple flowered variety as it tastes better and is used more commonly for making medicines. To whet your appetite, click here for a great article about violets.

That article came from Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine's website, one that I go to regularly as they have lovely photos and great write-ups about our plants. Here is another of their posts about several of the plants we talked about this morning as well as some others to consider.

So, it appears warmer weather is on the horizon. Maybe. This next week is scheduled up, but I'm leaning toward hosting a free plant walk on Tuesday, May 4, sometime late afternoon/early evening. Stay tuned for details about where and when as it gets closer. We'll walk about, identifying plants for both eating and for making medicines. I'll get more details out about that, too, as we get closer.

In the meantime, I hope to hear from y'all that you've been eating your weeds!