Eat Your Greens - Wild Greens, That Is!

Thanks to you brave souls who endured the cold temps this morning and came to the two sessions I led for our local Earth Day 2021 event. I admit to soaking in a steaming hot tub for one hour when I got home along with sipping ginger & turmeric tea to warm myself up!

Our stir fry with "weeds" - delicious!

The topic of the first session was "Weeds: Friend or Foe? Answer: Friend! We talked about several spring weeds that are good for munching on fresh as well as adding to cooked foods or for making herbal remedies. I encourage you to visit the Forum for some details about our wonderful weeds! I apparently inspired myself to gather some garlic mustard, nettle, dandelion leaves (and flowers), and some daylily shoots to add to a stir fry for our dinner. It was delicious! Sprinkled on the top were some dandelion flower petals (contains lutein for eye health) and three violet flowers