Elderberry Time!

Elderberries ready to gather. Ripe elderberries are very dark colored. After all, they are called black elderberries! Using under ripe berries may yield bouts of diarrhea! Elderberry gatherers beware!!!

I've noticed several stands

of elderberry ready or soon to be ready to harvest around Northfield! Keep an eye on your favorite patches to snag some before the birds get 'em! Elderberries are very good made into a syrup, tincture, or frozen for later use. They are a bit labor intensive to harvest, but well worth the effort.

I've written several blog posts about elderberry - check it out in my blog section or click on the links listed here:

Click here for my elderberry syrup recipe - it's delicious! Just ask my grandkids- they love it!

It's also great for making gummies - click here for that recipe.

Or just do a internet search for lots of variations of both.

For basic information, click here. You would likely find an overwhelming amount of information with an internet search of "benefits of elderberry".

A very impressive berry, indeed!