Elderflower ready now

Elder shrub in flower - you'll find them all over Northfield and surrounding areas at the end of June to the middle of July. Be certain of correct identification as there are several look-alikes!

Elderflower is ready for gathering now. Just look for the flat umbels of white flowers, be certain of identification, and make a tincture, filling the jar loosely with blossoms. It also makes a lovely tea as well as a tasty elderflower liqueur, sure to please in the winter months.

Be especially sure to gather only the flowers you need as you want to leave plenty for setting elderberries for making tinctures and syrups and for the birds to enjoy come August.

Elderflower is a go to for me for fevers that are going too high or involving achiness to the point that the person can't sleep. It can help to drive the fever to the surface, allowing it to dissipate and go down. For more information or to share other information, please visit the forum area. You will also find my favorite blend for reducing fevers.