February Book Study

Updated: Feb 3

One of the most common questions that I (and likely every other herbalist) is asked is "What herb can I take for (fill in the blank with ailment) . To understand and use herbs effectively

(and respectfully) one needs to consider and balance the energetics of the person with the energetics of the herbs. This can be a difficult concept to grasp initially. Kudos to Lise Wolff, my herbal mentor, for opening my eyes to this concept, (along with many other beginners with her excellent teaching style). Even a beginner's understanding of these energetics will help you feel more confident when trying to choose herbs for yourself and others.

Matthew Wood, one of Lise's mentors, provides much good information in this regard in his book, The Practice of Traditional Western Herbalism. If you are interested in studying through this book with us, check out the Classes page for more information.