Fever Blend Tips, Gathering Time, and More!

I spent a lovely morning gathering herbs and making a variety of remedies out at the You Pick Garden, alongside some good friends and herbalists. It doesn't get any better than that!

Lovely layers of elderflower, yarrow, and mint.
Lovely layers of elderflower, yarrow, and mint.

My tip for this week is to gather elderflower, yarrow flowering tops, and peppermint and make a "Fever Blend" tincture using equal parts of each. All three are perfect for gathering right now, so why not put them together now to be ready for a future fever? Traditionally, the three are dried and then used to make tea, drinking it as hot as you can handle to help to break a fever. But, being a lazy herbalist, I make a tincture as I likely won't feel like making myself a tea when I'm sick. However, I do think there is great merit to using the three as a hot tea when ill - simply makes sense. So I think I will dry some of each, also, to use for tea and will add the tincture to the hot tea to reap the benefits extracted by the tincture along with the hot water of the tea.

Just thinking aloud here while I write.

Why these three herbs? All three are diaphoretic herbs, which means they induce perspiration by pushing interior heat to the exterior, and opening the pores of the skin to allow the ventilation of excess heat. Check out this website for a brief explanation of diaphoretic herbs.

Yarrow is a stimulating diaphoretic, meaning it primarily increases circulation outward, toward the surface/skin. Elderflower is a relaxing diaphoretic, meaning it primarily relaxes the pores and lessens resistance to the increased circulation. Peppermint is both stimulating and relaxing. Great trifecta for reducing a high fever! Add that to the fact that all three are also fantastic antivirals. Nothing more need be said.

Although "nothing more need be said", if you know me, you know it is hard for me to stop! So come on out to the You Pick Medicinal Herbs Garden and listen to me ramble on and on! Several people asked if I could meet them there on Monday, 6/29, at 7:00 PM, so I am. Feel free to join us there if it works out for you. You are welcome to gather herbs while there, of course. Or even just sit back (bring your own chair) and listen to the herb-focused chatter. It's a lovely place to spend a summer evening, surrounded by the wild and cultivated flowering herbs and bees and butterflies and herbalists. No notice needed, just come on out if it works out for you. Evenings are beautiful there. Bring your own supplies and equipment if you want to gather herbs, of course.