Finding Balance - Again

How are y'all doing by now? Getting this stay-at-home/sheltering thing figured out? Everyday is a new adventure for me, as I'm sure it is for you, too. My daughter, a teacher, currently peer coach, in the Wayzata school district is figuring out how to work from home with a 1st grader and 3rd at home with her. I volunteered to "play with them" via FaceTime while she's working an attempt to keep them occupied. It's amazing how good they are at adapting games and activities. Today my 3rd grader was astounding me with magic tricks. Never a dull moment. That said, if I don't answer your texts or emails during the day, that is why.

I posted a blogpost last night right before bed - no you can't see it anymore - I got up an hour later and deleted it. Sorry to those of you who may have seen it and then it was gone this morning. It was about COVID-19, of course, as it seems everything is these days! Yesterday, I got caught up in the debate concerning the safety of using elderberry for COVID-19 and I think I was using my blogpost to vent. I didn't like that feeling. I moved that information to the forum area and deleted the post. You're welcome.

I'm going to take a breath, step back and return to my biggest passion, cultivating medicinal plants and teaching about how to use them. There are many, many herbalists and alternative health persons out there giving all sorts of advice about how to prep our immune systems for COVID-19 as well as what to do if you get sick. They have much more experience/knowledge to draw from than I do! I'll continue to post their websites in the forum area as I find them, but won't hash them over in this blog anymore. I do plan on adding and updating information in many areas in the forum and will post occasionally about what I've tweaked. I am happy to answer/give my opinion to any questions you might have. I do love chatting herbs, as anyone who has taken any of my classes has figured out!

I reactivated a long ignored FaceBook account last night in order to"meet" with my Monday morning Bible study group online this morning - and it worked! Stay tuned - thinking of trying that with anyone interested in chatting herbs online in the near future - I'll keep you posted - literally!

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