Fire Cider and Weight Loss and Roots, Oh My!

That's quite the odd combo, isn't it! Well, those are the three topics that are swirling in my brain right now, so here goes.

Fire Cider

Have you made fire cider this year? Or ever? If you haven't and are interested, here are links to information that I've posted before, including my fire cider recipe and its benefits. Another option is to join me at the you pick garden and I'll help you come up with your own custom fire cider combo. For more information about this opportunity and to sign up, check out the classes page.

Weight Loss

The North Country Herbalist Guild is holding its monthly meeting tomorrow evening, October 7 at 7:00. The president of the guild, Laura Shaw Sanden, is presenting information and discussion on the "metaphysical mechanics of weight gain and holistic weight loss approaches." To register and receive a link to join online, click here.


Several of you have been asking about digging roots. I've been prepping the garden, trimming back plants to encourage their energy to flow to its roots rather than toward making seeds (as well as making them easier to dig). Everything is looking very good. I typically wait until after a couple of hard freezes to dig for myself (when it's miserably cold), but figure we should set some dates now since it's already October! You can then pick how miserable you would like to be...

I updated the "What's Ready" page of the website with a list of plants that will be available for roots and a variety of times. If none of the times work for you, let me know and we can add another one. Gonna be fun!

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