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A big shout-out and thanks to those of you who have visited the You Pick Medicinal Herb Garden this summer. There is still plenty of beautiful weather left and plants to be gathered - come and see for yourself.

I've just updated the "Whats Ready" list - check it out. An herbalist that gathered a couple weeks ago send me this picture of the different remedies she made. Pretty impressive, Kathy!

Also, I'm now planning and ordering seeds and plants for next year, thanks to requests from several herbalists who have visited the garden. If you have a new plant (or plants) you would like to have grown in the garden next year, please let me know. I love the challenge of growing new plants. I'm trying to order seeds (and some plants) now in case there is a shortage of both again next spring, as some seeds didn't come this past spring until well past their best planting time.

Our local North Country Herbalist Guild has posted their 1.5 hour August plant walk with Matthew Wood for everyone to enjoy. I think it is worth your time to watch it. Click here for the link.

Do you have pets? If so, you might be interested in joining The North Country Herbalist Guild at their online meeting this Wednesday, September 2. Dr. Jessica Levy, DVM, will be discussing natural pet care. Be sure to preregister for this fascinating topic.

One more great opportunity: Matthew Wood is hosting a free webinar on Sunday, September 13, 7:00-9:00pm on "Herb Options for Lingering Covid-19 Symptoms". Preregister here.

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