Garden Update (yep, I'm aware it's only February...)

I've been spending this sunny, very cold weekend dreaming about warmer days, being back working in the garden, and seeing some of you again! This will be the third growing year at the You Pick Garden which means there will be much more "managing" of plants required. A common adage with growing perennial plants is that the first year they sleep (establishing roots), the second year they creep (more aerial growth added on), the third year they leap (lots more roots and aboveground growth!). With this being "leap year" in the garden, there will be opportunity for getting some transplants for your own gardens. I also may have gone a bit overboard in ordering new seeds and plants for this year and will need cut back the size of some of the larger patches to make room for the new arrivals. Check out the list of potential transplants I came up with today. I'm sure there will be additional plants added to the list as they make themselves known this spring...

A few plants you might want to keep in mind for growing in pots this summer would be Bacopa, Gotu Kola, and/or Passionflower. Bacopa and Gotu Kola are both very easy to grow but both require a good amount of water which makes them difficult to maintain in the garden. But they grow great in pots- with the bonus of being able to bring them inside in the winter if you want to keep using them fresh year round! I've grown Passionflower in pots for years- that's why I suggested trying that. However, I may try passionflower in the garden this year... we'll see. Regardless, it is a beautiful, fast growing vine for including in a pot close to your house.

I finally got my seeds and plants ordered. Seeds will come in plenty of time to start early in the greenhouse and plants come sometime in May. And yes, I did probably order more than "necessary", but then, when did any herbalist or gardener only plant what was necessary?! If you are interested, check out the list of new arrivals for the garden this summer!

With the subzero temperatures this past week, it seems like it's too early to think about gathering "herbs", but it is indeed time to gather bark to make herbal remedies as the energy of the trees/shrubs is now strongest in their bark. If there are some barks you would like to gather as a group, check out the "What's Ready" page! It feels so good to start updating that for 2021.

I think it's time to make some more hot tea. Y'all keep warm now!