Gather Herbs Dry

The sun just popped out! (I had to correct that sentence from "The sun just pooped out - it's been a bit pooped out lately, though!)

I want to give a bit of info about gathering herbs with all the rain we've had. It is best to wait at least 2 and hopefully 3 or more days after a rain to gather aerial plant parts that will be used for making medicinal "stuff" such as tinctures and oils.

Why? Part of a plant's "medicine" is on the surface of its leaves as it produces "chemicals", (many unidentified, which I think is fascinating) to repel insects, animals, for protection against the elements, etc... Rain washes, or at a minimum dilutes, these surface constituents on the plant surfaces, so the medicinal effects are reduced. Any water on the leaves would also water down the alcohol/water ratio.

This is even more important when using the flowers as the pollen is key there, which would obviously be washed away with rain.

Waiting for plants to dry is especially important in making medicinal oils to prevent mold from forming due to the extra moisture.

In short, the best time to gather any aerial parts of a plant are after dew has evaporated and there has not been rain for at least 3 days. Kinda tough this year, but I think a dry spell may be on the horizon soon!