Great Tea Road Co.

Updated: Jan 30

Here I am with friends and fellow herbalists, Anna, Paige and Wanda.

Thanks to my daughter-in-law, I heard about a new source of tea, Great Tea Road Co., in Prior Lake, MN. Several of us went to check it out a few weeks back and were delighted with the wide selection of quality loose leaf teas of all sorts. It is definitely worth a visit.

The couple who owns the store store started out by selling at local Farmer's Markets and were encouraged to open a store space, according to a local newspaper article published March, 2018. Their teas are displayed in small jars and you are encouraged to take a sniff of any you are interested in. Most varieties are available in sample sizes, enough for 2-4 cups of tea, or in larger amounts.

I purchased a sample size of their Belgian Chocolate black tea for$2 and have enjoyed 3 sittings from it already (with several re-steeps each time), with enough saved for one more "special morning" to sit back and enjoy it again. I also purchased a sample size of their fruity Kiwi, Mango, and Passion Fruit Green & Black Tea for $2.25 for a bit of a Caribbean buzz during the cold of winter - it works! And for those of you who end up at my house for a visit or a class, I purchased 75 g of Blue Lagoon Black Tea that you will have to try out when you stop by. I bought that one because it's supposed to turn bright blue when you add lemon. I haven't achieved that particular shade of blue, but it does turn color. Gotta figure that one out for y'all. But it is very very tasty.

Tip - Great Tea Road is not a sit-down-to-drink-some-tea place, however, Edelweiss Bakery is just down the street if you want a place to catch up with friends. I do love a good croissant and you can certainly find one there!