Hail Damage Update

I mentioned previously that we had hail overnight on Sunday, August 9. Most of the You Pick Medicinal Herbs Garden is rebounding well, with the exception of the jiagulon and rhodiola, but I've been giving those two a bit of extra care and it's looking like some new growth may be coming.

However, Open Hands Farm, the organic CSA farm where our You Pick Medicinal Herbs Garden is located, sustained extensive damage to their vegetable fields and much of that lost income can't be recovered and they have had to make major cutbacks. One of the CSA members has started a Go Fund Me fundraiser to try to cover what is needed to continue well. Please consider helping out. Selfishly, our medicinal herb garden is also very dependent on Erin and Ben's continued operation of the farm.

(If the above link doesn't work for you, please let me know. I'm not sure if I did that correctly).

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