Happy May!

Wow. Can you believe it is May already! And can you believe I haven't written a blog post or even updated my website in over 2 weeks! I'm not sure which was more surprising to me. Oops. Couldn't really say what has been taking up my time, but have stayed busy with organizing herbal supplies, sewing a couple adult sized weighted blankets - one for me - I love it! And of course working out at the You Pick Garden. I'm headed out there this afternoon to pot up some seedlings in the hoop house, with hopes of planting them into the garden in a few weeks. I plan on updating the "What's Ready" page with plants that are available to anyone wanting to make a trip to my driveway to pick them up.

Most of the people reading this blog are likely from the area... I don't really know, but I"m guessing that. Have you stopped at Paisley Gardens - formerly Eco Gardens, across from Family Fare? Rachel, the new owner, has some very nice medicinal plants, as well as a fabulous selection of bedding plants for your landscape. Medicinal plants include all the culinary regulars such as parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme (thank you Simon and Garfunkel) of course, but also not as common ones herbs such as spilanthes, marshmallow, feverfew, several lavenders, and several others. I thought I would remember more of them. I don't. Go check them out! And all very healthy and most only $2.50 each. I was also tickled to pick up a couple stevia plants - a favorite of mine. I don't like the aftertaste of powdered stevia, but I love using the whole leaf, either fresh or dried, in teas and kombucha. The culinary and medicinal herbs area is on the shelves on the south side of their outdoor area.

Another tip - MGM, out by the theater in Dundas, has the larger bottles of Phillips 100 proof vodka available quite reasonably. It's on the bottom shelf of the vodka section. Several 80 proof ones too, of course, if that's what you prefer using.

Finally, the dandelions have certainly popped in the last couple days. Think about going out and making a dandelion flower oil, great for muscle pain and as a massage oil. It's simple (great project to do with kids). Loosely fill a jar with dandelion blooms, torn in half. Then dump those out onto a plate or piece of wax paper to partially dry for 24 hours to reduce chance of mold. Then put back into that same jar and fill with your oil of choice. I typically use olive oil, organic, cold pressed. However, other people who know much more about skin care products, use other oils depending on what issues they want to address. Then put the lid on, label, and set aside for 6-8 weeks or so. Some herbalists say 4 weeks. I set mine in a plastic container on a shelf in our spare room with other herbal oils. Some herbalists say to set the jar in the sun. Some say to put it in a dark cupboard. Your choice! Strain and use the oil as is or thicken up with beeswax for an ointment. For more details, check out this former blog.

Final tip for baseball fans - KYMN is replaying the broadcasts from the1991 World Series, considered to be the greatest all-time World Series by many baseball fans. Game 2 is on right now. Game 3 tomorrow. Game 4 on Tuesday. Game 5 on Thursday. And so on. Go Twins!