Hildegard Seminar Opportunity

Updated: Oct 22

Since writing about Hildegard of Bingen in early August, I have continued to read about her as well as some of her writings and exploring Healthy Hildegard, a website dedicated to her teachings on health, herbalism, and spirituality. Fascinating.

I mentioned meeting a delightful woman at the garden who mentioned she has offered retreats centered around Hildegard. Since then, I've found out she is Dr. Almut Furchert, a local woman with a passion for sharing her in depth study and knowledge of Hildegard.

Almut recently sent me information about an online retreat opportunity she is hosting: Hildegard Seminar: On Cosmos, Nature, and Becoming Whole. I intend to participate and just wanted to make y'all aware of it in case you would like to check it out. I'm also intrigued with potentially meeting with persons from around the world. How cool is that!

Seems like a good and healthy way to spend some time during another fall/winter season with unknown pandemic concerns. Just sayin'