Hodge Podge

As I’m thinking about writing this post, the term “hodge podge” came to mind. Wondering if it is a "real" term, I googled it of course. Quoting Wikipedia, a favorite source for all sorts of interesting definitions: a hodge podge “describes a confused or disorderly mass or collection of things; a "mess" or a "jumble".” That fits. Here goes.

Fiona, a Master Naturalist and volunteer in the you-pick garden, sent me this interesting article about herb tea/fertilizer that would benefit all of us gardeners and tenders of the earth. Tip - if you are searching for a good spot to gather organic weeds - join us for some weeding at the you-pick garden. Alway happy to help you out!

Anna, another friend and fabulous soap maker, purchased a large batch of “Beeswax, Yellow Pastilles” and has extra to sell to anyone needing some at $6/pound. Let me know if you would like her contact info. She lives in St. Paul - handy if you live up there. Otherwise, I'm sure we can find a way to get them to you as I see her often.

FYI - I’ve set up a “weed walk” for this coming Tuesday evening, May 4. Check the classes page for more info about that.

The you-pick garden is looking great this spring and sporting some new signs.

Here is a shot of some of the seedlings that have sprouted and are growing in the greenhouse

until they can join the others in the garden later in May. Pretty exciting, huh!

Finally, if you bothered to scroll way down here, a bit more information about "hodge podge" from my google search. From the website, "Bacon is Magic" (can’t go wrong with a name like that!) is a recipe for Hodge Podge! Who knew! In Nova Scotia it refers to a cream based, fresh veggie soup and looks delicious. Don’t you think it would be tasty using coconut milk? I think I’ll try that this summer with the fresh veggies from Open Hands Farm. My mom made a version of this each summer using fresh peas and the first potatoes of summer - such a delicious memory. I had no idea we were eating her version of Hodge Podge!