I Love a Rainy Night (and Day)

I’ve been singing and humming “I Love A Rainy Night”, by Eddie Rabbitt most of today. Yes, indeed, the rain does make me feel good. Our local gardens, fields, and yards had gotten so dry and needed the rain so very much.. You can feel - and maybe even hear - all our wild and cultivated plants soaking it in and joyfully growing.

Speaking of which, many of our wild plants are perfect for gathering for food and for making medicines at this point, including nettles, cleavers, and dandelion flowers. Be sure to check the “What’s Ready” page as the plants will grow quickly with this rain. I’ll try to update it weekly. Cleavers is one of my much used remedies. Check out this great article about cleavers written by one of my favorite local herbalists (as well as a great midwife), Erin Poirier.

It has been fun to connect with Susannah Shurmak at a couple events recently. Susannah is a local author of a wonderful book, Everything Elderberry, as well as a fantastic website, HealthyGreenSavvy. Check out her website for many foraging tips as well as many other topics including an excellent collection of recipes. One of my personal favorites is her ratatouille recipe- I look forward to making it with our fresh summer veggies! Are y’all busy planting your gardens? Susannah also has some great tips for you in that regard. Check out her gardening section for tips on “150 Edible Flowers” or “Herbs That Grow in the Shade” as well as many other topics. And if all that isn’t enough, check out her “Natural Remedies and Herbs” section for some great ideas presented in her well-written and well-researched style.

Well, I’m going to take advantage of the break in the rain to get some weeding done in my yard. I hope you're enjoying this day as much as I am!