I Ordered Too Much. Again.

About a month ago, I placed an order with TeaLyra through their wholesale area so I had to order by the pound. I didn't really think about how much volume a pound of tea is until it arrived. (Visions of ordering 2 pounds of mullein leaf several years ago flashed through my memory - if any of you knew me then, you remember the big bale-size bag of mullein leaf that was delivered to my house!) Well, if anyone is interested in purchasing some lovely, tasty tea, just contact me. I love them all, but know tea is best when fresh and by the time I use the last of these, they would likely be several years old! Click on the name to see the information about each tea. I also included my rationale for ordering each variety.

Deep Breath, $2/ounce - Great for all things related to our respiratory system - it contains mullein and elecampane, two of my favorites in that regard, along with eucalyptus and so much more.

Chocolate Chai, organic, $2/ounce - I love chocolate. I love chai. And this one even includes dandelion root, another favorite. The coconut adds a lovely flavor. Contains black tea/caffeine.

Digestive Curcuma, $2/ounce - I wanted a herbal digestive blend and this fit that need nicely and deliciously, along with turmeric and goji for a wonderful antioxidant boost.

Chocolate Mint Rooibos, $2/ounce - I ordered this one to have as a dessert option after a meal. It did not disappoint. Yum.

Wild Mountain Herbs, $2/ounce - This one simply intrigued me both for its digestive support and its interesting ingredients. Very tasty.

Brandy Oolong, Ruby 18, $5/ounce - I have ordered this one several times before as it is indeed the best flavored "real tea" type of tea that I've had, well worth the extra cost. But I've always split a pound with others in the past. A pound is quite a volume! So I'm happy to share if you want to try it. Contains caffeine, of course.

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