It's a Cold One!

It's a cold one indeed, Mr. Grinch! With a few more colder days to come, "they" say. What's an herbalist to do? Sip some lovely hot tea, of course, while browsing seed catalogs. I recently saw this quote that I identify with and I know some of you can, too. From Barbara Kingsolver in her book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle:

I have seen women looking at jewelry ads

with a misty eye and one hand resting on the heart,

and I only know what they're feeling

because that's how I read the seed catalogs in January.

Yes, we're into February now, but I'm finally finishing up my seed order and hope to submit it over the weekend, so let me know if you've thought of any herbs you would like to have grown in the you pick garden this year.

Want another sign of spring during this cold spell? I've set up a couple days for gathering barks - February 21 or 28, depending on the weather. We'll go for whichever date looks like it will be the most comfortable as we'll be hiking a bit to get to the prickly ash area. I'll get more information out about that as it gets closer. If needed, I can add some date(s) in March, also, but if you would like to cut any white oak branches for medicine making, that is best done earlier to avoid spreading disease such as oak wilt.

I recently read this article about using CBD for preventing and treating COVID-19 that you might find interesting. If you would like to discuss this further, join our Monday Folk Herbalist group this coming Monday, February 8, at 1:30 by clicking here anytime after 1:00. This is a group of local herb enthusiasts who meet monthly to discuss herbal topics, make medicines, and simply have fun. We hope to meet in person once spring comes, but for now we'll be using FaceBook Messenger. So right now you can join us regardless of how far away you live. Feel free so join in anytime after 1:00 if you want to chat a bit. We'll start our "official meeting" at 1:30, at which point I will try real hard to keep us on topic... One of our topics this month is an herbal overview of cannabis.

Another learning together opportunity is a book study group we just started last week. If you are interested and would like to catch up and join us this week, check out the information on my classes page.

Open Hands Farm, the wonderful CSA (also the location of our You Pick Medicinal Herbs Garden) has a few openings yet for their 2021 season. Sign up soon if you would like to be part of that this year. Not only will you get to pick out wonderful, fresh vegetables weekly, but at the same time you can also stop by the herb garden and gather medicinal herbs. I also hope to host regular classes through the summer, too. So consider signing up. Just sayin'

Last thing - I have extra1 lb. blocks of beeswax from a local apiary. $8 each. Excellent quality. Let me know if you need any.