Let the Gardening Season Begin!

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

I have ordered from these 3 companies for several years. Each has great product and friendly customer service.

Coldest temps in decades here in southern Minnesota, icy roads, and my three favorite garden catalogs. Favorite day in my gardening year. So excited to try some new plants again this year!

I order a case of each of these catalogs to use when teaching classes on growing medicinal plants. If you live in the Northfield area and want to just swing by and pick any up, just let me know.

Open Hands Farm, a local organic CSA farm, has offered some space on their property to plant some medicinal plants. If you are interested in following our progress, check out the forum group.

There will also be a couple opportunities to get together and chat over options for planting in our area.

*. February 19, 7:00 - a group of local home herbalists will be perusing the catalogs at my house - all are welcome to join us. Contact me if you need information about address, etc.

*. March 27, 6:30, Northfield Public Library, free class on the basics of folk herbalism and how-to-grow.

Want more info? Check out the "Classes" section of this site.

Also, please share if you have some more good sources for purchasing seeds and plants - thanks!

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