Linden Flower

Updated: Jan 31

The beautiful flowers on a linden tree are as wonderfully fragrant as they are beautiful!

Linden flower is one of the loveliest, both in form and fragrance, that you will have the pleasure of gathering. It is ready to gather in Northfield, but with all the rain, you may need to wait a day for it to dry some. I haven't seen linden trees at Open Hands Farm, but you can easily find linden trees all over town - on Raider Drive, by the baseball fields at Sechler, along Water Street in the Just Food area, parking lot of Wells Fargo bank, along many boulevards. It is a beautiful tree at any time of the year, but especially now that it is blooming, you are in for a wonderful sensory experience!

For more information about linden flower, see the forum area. And do a quick internet search - you will be impressed!