Medicinal Herb Education Opportunities

The North Country Herbalist Guild is meeting this Wednesday, May 13, 7:00-8:30. This month's presenter is Molly Kubinski, L.AC, DIPL. OM, speaking on Chinese Medicine & Women's Health. I'm thinking it should be pretty interesting and useful.

Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism is hosting the Guild's online meeting. I was looking through the website earlier this week and see many good (and free) classes offered. Check it out! In particular, I want to point out my mentor, Lise Wolff's, course offerings as I found her to be an exceptional teacher. Check out her links and sign up to listen to her free sample plant walks. Listening to those brought back many memories for me: grateful as Lise was the herbalist that introduced me to the marvelous world of herbal medicine and amazed at how much I have learned (and actually remember)! I knew nothing about medicinal herbs before taking her classes and I recalled how lost I felt during those first plant walks. Thanks, Lise, for never giving up on us beginners!

And now I am going to brag up my goldenseal plants. I transplanted several to my property when we moved here 3 years ago. The deer promptly ate every one of them in the woods, but I managed to keep one living by our front door. As of this morning, there are 7 goldenseal plants coming up in that space. Isn't she lovely!

American Skullcap came up this week and they are plentiful. They have been added to the transplants list along with feverfew.

I've updated photos on the Timeline of the You Pick Garden. Check it out.

And here are some photos I took of the garden sections a couple days ago, flagged and ready to plant and transplant. You can click on the pictures and enlarge to see what will hopefully be there for you this coming summer:

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