Monday, April 6 Tips

So, we start another week. Do you wake up in the morning having to try to figure out what day it is, too? Other than Sunday, they all feel about the same here. But we are settling into a routine - I hope you are, too. I do have the wonderful opportunity of working in the You Pick Medicinal Herbs garden- after a bike ride that is getting easier and easier. I spent several hours there yesterday planting seeds in their hoop house to get a head start of some new herbs for the

you-pick garden this year. Today and tomorrow, I'll be spreading more turkey manure, raking up the beds from last year, and spreading new mulch between them. Nothing like the scent of composted turkey manure to help one forget about COVID-19 for a few moments!

Seeds sprouting in the hoop house last year.

Speaking of Open Hands Farm, just yesterday, I used up the last of the veggies I got from their last winter market in February - celeriac went into a stir fry and into a pot of chicken bone broth I'm cooking up right now in my Instant Pot. Parsnips and daikon radish joined carrots as roasted vegetables, along with some onion and garlic. Delicious! And the quality of each of them was perfect yet - big kudos to Erin and Ben and the rest of the gang at Open Hands Farm! They still have a few openings for their 2020 season. Great investment in a local farm and in your family's health.

Many of you know that one of my favorite local herbal resources is the North Country Herbalist Guild, which meets the first Wednesday of each month. We were not able to meet last week, of course, and they have decided to do their first virtual, online meeting this Wednesday, 7:00-8:30. So y'all can check out a guild meeting without having to leave your house - or get out of your daytime sweats! The topic this month is "Saving Our Planet, One Plant at a Time", with speaker, Jane Hawley Stevens, owner of Four Elements Herbals in Wisconsin. She is an excellent speaker - I'm sure you would enjoy it and benefit from tuning in. If you have trouble accessing it, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

I want to mention another great local resource for herbal support and products, Mika Turner of White Dandelion Chinese Medicine, has ordered in many of the herbs and Chinese that showed effectiveness with COVID-19 in China. She is offering online support and consultations, along with tailoring individual herbal formulas based on her experience with and knowledge of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Check out her lovely website. She is also a friend of mine and I assure you, she's as lovely as her website!

Time for a mug of tulsi, lemon balm, and rose petal tea before I bike out to the garden and spread some turkey manure. Lovely.

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