New Class: The Marvels of Tea

A perfect day here - the snow gently falling, a fresh cup of jasmine green tea, and prepping for a new class - The Marvels of Tea. The staff at the Greenvale Park Community Program asked me to consider teaching a class as part of their Tuesday Self Care series, including a suggestion for a tea class - warmly appropriate at this time of year. Check the classes section of this website for details.

With digestive and respiratory viruses still quite active in our community, tea is often overlooked as a worthy, if not vital remedy for both resisting and fighting viruses. If you are currently ill, do a quick online search for tea ideas and brew some up, extra strong!. If you have elderberry tincture, add some of that to your tea for an extra boost. I mentioned in a past post that I am partial to the Yogi brand of tea, but any tea containing only herbs, no artificial flavorings or soy lecithin, is good.