Not Intimidated By a Little Snow!

I visited the You Pick Medicinal Herbs Garden yesterday (3/6/21). Yes, there still is more snow than dirt exposed. But where the snow has melted, the plants are already coming up and enjoying the sunshine and unseasonably warm temps, right along with us. The St. John's Wort is coming back very nicely. There are many chamomile plants at a pretty good size, especially for March 6! The horehounds are a couple inches high. Yerba del Lobo is greening up - a hopeful sign for a good amount of flowers this year. Hyssop is making a good showing. Incredibly, the leaves of the feverfew are already big enough for use. Well, until they get covered with snow again, that is.

Melting snow reveals St. John's Wort
Chamomile enjoying the sun

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