Old Year, New Year

Updated: Jan 30

So, we've made it through our first (and hopefully last) COVID Christmas and survived just fine. At least I hope y'all did. We had a nice time together as a family, albeit via Zoom, with plenty of tasty sweets and the expected sugar hangover on Christmas Day. A good time was had by all.

So, now what.

I hear many people talk about how they are glad 2021 is around the corner - it certainly has to be better than 2020, doesn't it? Indeed? Please?

So, looking back at 2020. Yes, we are experiencing our first worldwide pandemic in most of our lives and we are all "shooting in the dark" as far as how to deal with it. To mask or not to mask, to meet in person or to zoom, to go to a good friend's brother's funeral or to just send a card and offer a distanced hug in a parking lot. Countless "unprecedented" decisions and new terminology abound that we certainly didn't expect when we welcomed in 2020 only one year ago. But was it really all that bad? I appreciate this cartoon my husband shared with me.

How can Linus say that 2020 is not that bad really? Well, I hope you can remember along with me, people who cheered your day and offered hope. We had some beautiful days for walks and more free evenings to take those walks. No need to put on make-up before going anywhere when you will be wearing a mask anyway. Personally, I enjoyed visits with many of you at the You Pick Medicinal Herbs garden and made a couple new, (young) friends who helped greatly with weeding it - thank you both. I've learned technology that has made it possible to chat and play games with my grandkids anytime of any day. I've soaked in some sun and I've sloshed in some mud.

Granted, there were some hard moments. Two close friends waited for a grand-baby to be born, only to have each arrive without breath. So so sad. Another friend's sweet brother who lived with Down's Syndrome and blessed so many lives died after several years of dealing with cancer. Such a loss to our world. A close friend of mine, younger than me, didn't wake up one morning due to a blood clot in her lung. I miss her. All unrelated to COVID-19. All very sad. And each made more difficult due to the cautions of COVID-19. Looking back on my 63 years, most hold moments of "I can't believe ... happened" and we survived. If you are reading this, odds are we will both survive 2020, too.

So, 2021 begins on Friday. Will it be "better" than 2020? Well, my favorite Tournament of Roses Parade on New Years Day is canceled. Schools will still be meeting online. I'll still be watching church services online each week. But we hope and pray it will be "better" than 2020. What if it isn't? It will still be OK. We can still choose to live each day well. Maybe it just needs a little love.