Open Hands Farm 2020 Openings

Open Hands Farm has openings for new members for their 2020 CSA season. The sign up sheet is now available online.

With their offer to plant the medicinal herb garden at their farm this past year, I decided to join their CSA also. Perhaps my best decision of 2019! The veggies are gorgeous, plentiful, and even tastier than I grew in my own garden in the past 40 years. And having spent a fair amount of time with Erin, Ben, and their employees over the past summer while working in the herb garden, I assure you they are some of the finest, sincere, and fun people I have met. And they know what they're doing!

Another good selling point is that you stop out and

choose what veggies you would like to have each

week versus picking up a box at a different location

with predetermined veggies that you may or may not

want. And some of the veggies/fruit/herbs are

you-pick, available throughout the week to members

to picking as needed. And if that isn't enough of a

reason - access to the medicinal herb garden is part of your CSA privileges!

Also of interest, Open Hands Farm has 3 days this winter that they are open to anyone wanting some great veggies that they harvested, cleaned, and stored during fall 2019. Here is information from their website about that opportunity:


December 10, January 14, February 11.  11am – 4pm. 

Like last year, these days we’ll have a simple, small layout of veggies set out for you to purchase by the pound.  We expect to be washing roots for wholesale in the barn and it will be tight quarters.  In December we may have a few other crops, but probably just carrots, beets, parsnips, radishes and cabbage. 

The winter store is open to anyone — If you have family or friends who might be interested, they can come on over, and have them email us and we’ll get them on the reminder list.  If you can’t make it on those days, you’ll be able to pre-order by email and we’ll set it aside for you to pickup when you can.

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