Pine Needle/Sap Oil

Updated: Oct 22

Another day with snow and blowing snow and school canceled. What's a home herbalist to do? Make pine needle/sap oil, of course!

How To Make Pine Needle Oil

1. Find some good boots to wear as the snow is quite deep out there! Snow shoes would be fabulous!!

2. Find yourself some lovely pine trees and from different trees and different areas on those trees, cut off a few smaller branches that will be easily cut into small pieces once you get back inside. If you see wounds on pine trees that ended up with sap running down the tree, gently remove that sap, also, if you can without harming the tree. Do not take it from the wound area itself as the tree needs it for protection. I see the wind is picking up outside. You may be able to find some downed branches - great way to get a supply of branches and sap!

3. I typically spread out newspaper or wax paper to catch any mess as the sap from the branches is hard to get off anything. Including your clothes. Beware!

4. Cut branches and needles into small to tiny, pieces. The smaller the better as there will be more surface area for the oil to